I'm Hayley.

I have had a love for travel, landscape, and especially animal photography for the last 10 years. Through this, a photography minor, and a few years worth of self portraits (both in front and behind the camera), I have learned many things along the way. Then my special little girl, Posie, came into my life changing that free ability to hop on a plane whenever.

To engage and challenge myself I started doing lifestyle shoots and found an enjoyment in capturing other people's happiness. While nothing is quite as cute as puffins diving off the coast of Iceland, snapping those smiling faces is a close second. I found such a deep love for the intimacy of in-home sessions, the emotional rollercoaster of deployment homecomings, and the fun of hiding around to photograph a proposal. I couldn't imagine my life without portrait photography any longer!

I'd love to capture any of your life milestones and can't wait to work with you!

Testing the limits while having a bit of fun.

My first personal challenge in photography was being in front of the camera. I spent many late nights with a steak quesadilla and some Baja blast with another creative pushing those boundaries. Taking wild photos with fruits, in a bathtub, or even with some pumpkins on my head. This gave me a chance to be behind the camera as a model and transformed into self portraits that got me through the COVID quarantine time when I was stuck in another country.

If you have a wild idea, let's do it! If there is a will, there's a way my grandma always said. I'd be happy to be creative with you!

Creating images that you want to put on the wall

I, as many women do, went through body transformations after high school-early twenties and then again when I became a mother. I know that horrid feeling of seeing a photo of yourself and thinking "I look like THAT?" and wanting to crawl into a hole. I also know the frustration scrolling through a photographer's portfolio to only see model worthy couples.

My goal is to make you feel happy with the photos taken and WANT to put them on your wall. Every body, family, and smile is beautiful and deserves to be framed. If you look at my instagram I hope you see that reflected. I strive to show off most, if not all, of my sessions. You all are beautiful and the world should see that!

Working with me

01. Connect

Share your story

Send a message with the session information so we can work out the details! Make sure to let me know who will be there and the occasion.

02. Conceptualize

Develop Your Vision

After we get the general details out of the way we can work together to make a session you love. I don't take on many clients to be able to customize sessions to your wants and desires!

03. Create

Bring it to life

Let's make it happen! Session day should be a fun time for you to get dressed up with your loved ones and have some fun along the way. I will guide in posing, outfits, and locations to ensure we capture that vision.

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